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Weddings in India are known for their scintillating festivities complimented by colourful decorations, highest entertainment values; Rashi is all about organizing the same with flawless execution and having a highly-skilled team to deliver each element with perfection.

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Shubham Shelly Wedding
Emirates Palace Wedding
Mahak Bhakti Sangeet
Mahak Wedding
Mahak Reception
Wedding in Priyagold Family
Sehgal's Wedding, Jaipur
Sangeet in Liberty Family
Wedding in Liberty Family
Mittal's Wedding
Soni's Wedding
Aggarwal's Wedding, Agra
Sangeet Ceremony in Aggarwal Family
Mehendi Ceremony in Aggarwal Family
Wedding in Aggarwal Family, Udaipur
Jindal's Wedding
Wedding in Gitanjali Group Family, Udaipur
Wedding in Soni Family (Rohtak Chain)
Wedding in Jain Family (Country Inn)
Reception in La Solitaire Family

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