Who We Are

Empowering Your Brand With Experiences

New Delhi, September 1999… a radical name entered the Event Industry with a different vision, fortitude and zeal ‘Rashi Entertainment’ with a motto…..Be Different – ‘Don’t Follow the Queue Which World Follows’

Since then, Rashi emerged as a pioneer and became instrumental in shaping the Event & Entertainment Industry in India and today is a well-established Event Management Company with the strategy to create an exhilarating and inspiring environment all around to experience each element of the event with finesse.

From inspiring conceptualizing to impeccable execution, we proudly deliver cherished events under visionary leadership and lift the impact of each and every event to new level of success and unparalleled identity.

In past 18 years, Rashi has knocked off their events practically in every part of the country and has experienced more than 1000 top notch events in Social Vertical, Corporate Vertical and Government Vertical. They have flourishingly established healthy relationships with more than 200 top most businessmen and renowned families and is successively managing the same with pride.


Some people look for a ‘Best Event, whereas others make an ‘Event Best’

As an Event Manager, we believe the foremost responsibility is to define ground reality and the last is to say ‘Thank You’…... in between, we are the helping hand of the Client.

Rashi is primeval player in the field of Event Management and its integral ingredients are Team Mates, Vendors and Associates.

Our expertise originates from extraordinary minds which is an amalgamation of creativity, passion and experience which creates, delivers and exceeds our customer's expectations without any excuses.

Our dedicated team personally examines each element with minute details; where we use our in-depth knowledge of the local market and our ample network to create mega events and give the client maximum value for money.

We believe….The key to a successful event is… to have someone there to handle all the aspects so that you can enjoy your moments or be the host to your prestigious guests and VIPs…